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Table Planner® – Software solution for perfect room, table and seating planning

Software solution for perfect room, table and seating planning

From the boardroom meeting in the closest circle to a large event with a few thousand participants

The basis for every successful event is professional room, table and seating planning. With the software program TablePlanner® and its diverse possibilities you can plan every celebration and every event in advance and concentrate on the most important thing: your guests.
Example rooms that can be implemented wonderfully easily with the TablePlanner®
With the TablePlanner®, certain room situations can be simulated with ease.

On the leftOn the top you will find typical examples for weddings, dinners with friends, for garden parties or even for large events such as Christmas parties. The guest list is always present.

Functional scope of the TablePlanner®

The TablePlanner® is aimed at private individuals and companies. With the current version, the following features are available:
  • Guest / participant management
  • Assignment of roles for guests
  • Better separate dream partners or guests?
  • From "Save the Date" to "Thank you"
  • Space design
  • Table shape design
  • Automatic placement of people
  • Lists and evaluation
  • Place cards, stickers, badges
  • Database interfaces
  • PDF printouts over several pages
  • Import / export of design templates
  • Cost planning
  • Ticket printing, admission tickets
  • Customizations
The TablePlanner® program can basically be installed on all Windows computers. It is multi-user. The program runs on Apple computers under Windows virtualization.
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